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школа балета занятия балетом
школа балета занятия балетом

About the School

Andrei Yakovlev School of Ballet

Andrei Yakovlev School of Ballet has two types of classess: children’s and classes for adults. Our school can help everyone to learn the art of ballet everyone, regardless of age or skill.  The Choreography is the most effective way of training a body. The classical dance school forms your body, emotional gesture, plastic, expressive head turning. The first thing you ‘ ll have is a correct posture  at the ballet school.

We offer the highest quality method of Vaganova based Russian classical ballet training. Classes are include stretching, choreography, plastic, dance improvisation and jumping. Through the study of ballet, students will have physical coordination, grace, discipline and self-confidence. In class you will learn how to use the music and ballet technique as a means for self-expression. Whatever you choose a professional dancer or a different career, the love of classical art, will stay with you forever. Andrei Yakovlev School of Ballet has offers personal and group lessons as well. The main advantage of private lessons an individual program for each student according to personal characteristics.